Local Farm Products

Rancho Olivos now offers new Local Farm Products from neighboring farms.  

Lavande Lavender Products are locally grown near Rancho Olivos in California's Santa Ynez Valley.

Lavender Sachet

Add the fresh scent of Lavender to your home with these heavenly scented sachets. Lavande's premium lavender buds offer a full aroma that is crisp, refreshing and relaxing. No artificial fragrances or essential oils have been added - just pure dried lavender flowers.


Luxurious Lavender Lotion

Replenish your skin and refresh your senses. Using an all-natural aloe vera and Shea butter base, and infused with Lavande's lavender essential oil, our body lotion is both luxuriant and practical. This lotion heals dry skin, sunburns, and diaper rash.  Old, young and everyone in between, this is your go-to lotion ready to sooth and heal all throughout the day.


Lavender Body and Bath Oil

This luscious oil made simply of sweet almond oil and our lavender essential oil is very lubricating and is not absorbed too quickly into the skin which makes it a very popular massage oil. It can also be used as an excellent baby oil to protect the diaper area. Not only does it keeps the skin satiny and soft, but the beautiful aroma is soothing and relaxing.


Lavender Linen Spray

Create a spa in your own home or office. Lavande's Lavender Linen spray combines relaxing lavender essential oil with soothing eucalyptus oil to refresh your clothing, linens, and upholstery. Just a spritz will create a sublime ambiance and help keep you rooms bug free. Did you know that spiders and other insects do not like the odor of lavender?


San Marcos Farms Raw Unfiltered Honeys

The San Marcos Farms Honey Company is a family owned and operated business. Their honey is sourced from hives throughout Santa Barbara county, where in different seasons, different plants generate distinct flavors of honey. Sage blossom honey comes from Santa Ynez, their Wildflower honey comes from Santa Barbara, and the Orange Blossom from Ojai's citrus orchards. The honeys are straight from the hive and is spun from the combs and poured into jars— raw, unfiltered and fragrant. They are a rich and highly nutritious blend of bioactive compounds, including simple sugars, enzymes, antibiotics, probiotics, vitamins and minerals. 

Raw honey is a powerful antioxidant, and helps to fight the buildup of "bad" cholesterol in your arteries. It has antimicrobial properties that are effective against many bacterial pathogens and fungi. Raw honey is a natural immune enhancer and anti-inflammatory agent and has been used for centuries to treat burns and cuts. For some people, raw honey helps to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms, especially when local raw honey is used. Both research and long experience confirm that raw honey is indeed a "functional food" with important nutritional and physiological health benefits.


Paso Almonds Almond Brittle

Almond grower and candy maker Rusty Hall's started selling his brittle at San Luis Obispo's Thursday night farmers market in 1992. It's been a hit ever since.  Hall’s family began ranching and farming in the Paso Robles area in the 1860s and later bought a 93-acre parcel of dry-farmed almonds that he took over in 1974.

The brittle is made in small batches at at Hall’s San Luis Obispo facility.  The almonds are roasted as the caramel for the brittle cooks and just as they come out of the oven, in a feat of proper timing, are added to the brittle. Because there are more almonds by weight than brittle, it keeps it from getting too hard.

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