Cooking With Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used for thousands of years in cooking and is one of the cornerstones of the healthy Mediterranean diet.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is versatile and, with its unique flavor and aroma, has become a must-have in the American kitchen.  Different varieties of olives produce a wide spectrum of olive oils that have many uses and complement a wide range foods.  Olive oil can be used, in vinaigrettes, for sauteing, roasting, as an ingredient in marinades and sauces such as mayonnaise, pesto, or romesco, and you can drizzle it on top of almost any dish as a finishing touch before serving.  It is of course always great as a bread dipper or simply dabbed on a toasted piece of country bread that has been scratched with a clove of garlic.

Think about olive oil like you would selecting a wine. Different olive oils can be used for different purposes.  Strong and robust extra virgin olive oil, like Rancho Olivos Italian Blend, can be used for cooking fish, meat, Caesar salad dressing, to make marinades and dips, like Shannon’s Tuscan Bean Dip, or to drizzle on strongly flavored ingredients like peppers or garlic. A medium well-rounded extra virgin olive oil, like Rancho Olivos Arbequina, is great on grilled vegetables or for bread dipping. 

It is a fallacy that you cannot cook with extra virgin olive oil. 

We’ve put together a few of the recipes that Shannon and I get asked about frequently.  Just click on the link below to download a PDF file of them.  We update through out the year, so be sure to check back.   

Recipes From Shannon’s Kitchen Aug 2016.pdf

Science Daily article

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